Amarillo Strength & Conditioning is a members-only barbell club that offers personal and small group training.  Our training philosophy emphasizes the improvement of strength and conditioning through the use of traditional barbell exercise.  Our training programs offer strength and conditioning for all sports as well as general health and improved physical conditioning for non-athletes. 

Amarillo Barbell Club  Amarillo Strength & Conditioning is home to the Amarillo Barbell Club, a community of athletes that have unlimited access to the gym.  Barbell club membership is limited to those individuals who have trained under a member of our staff, demonstrated proficiency in barbell mechanics, and displayed good character.  Barbell Club keyed memberships are acquired by referral only.

A Starting Strength Gym  - Amarillo Strength & Conditioning is a Starting Strength Gym and therefore every pupil we work with is trained using the Starting Strength model as detailed in Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training.  Starting Strength is a strength training system designed to safely and efficiently improve strength, health, and athletic performance using basic barbell exercises.   

Offerings  – Whether you have no prior training experience or you’re a competitive athlete, our training staff has the experience and expertise necessary to help you reach your fitness/performance goals.   Our offerings include:

  • Personal and small group training
  • Starting Strength Program Set-up – In two sessions, our certified Starting Strength Coach will teach you the five barbell exercises that make up the SS program and set up appropriate starting weights for your training progression. 
  • Programming for general health or sport-specific performance goals.
  • FITCAMP for HER – A Strength & Conditioning class that includes a nutrition challenge designed to improve strength, endurance, and body composition.  
  • Student Strength & Conditioning Camps – Our annual summer camps teach student athletes safe and effective strength and conditioning methods to increase their expression of strength, endurance, and power in sport.

Amarillo Strength & Conditioning – Strength. Endurance. Power. – Since 2008